• Stand Up and Three Side Seal Pouches

    Stand Up and Three Side Seal Pouches

    A multitude of sizes, closures, shapes and features

  • Fitments and Valves

    Fitments and Valves

    Large and small runs, a variety of styles and sizes.

  • Shaped Pouches

    Shaped Pouches

    Virtually any shape, we will work with you on designs to support your filling requirements.

  • Side Gusset Pouches

    Side Gusset Pouches

    Both small and large format with a variety of closures and features.

  • E-Z Pour Side-Lok ®

    E-Z Pour Side-Lok ®

    This revolutionary package design allows for a product to be carried and poured with ease. This is a great replacement for blow-molded jugs by saving storage space and shipping costs. This package can be used for dry products, such as pet food or lawn and garden products, sidewalk salt, or liquids.

  • Pressure-Lok ®

    Pressure-Lok ®

    The new patented closure system available in stationery or reclosable formats.

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